our reopening plan

Chimney Rock Inn Family,

The day has come! After nearly six months of running our modified business model, we are able to welcome guests back for indoor dining!

And while we are extremely happy for this, we are also extremely conscious of the great responsibility we have ahead: creating a safe environment where each of you, if feeling comfortable and healthy, can enjoy a delicious dining experience.

That's why we wanted to share our plan with you. We are committed to ensuring your safety and health when visiting Chimney Rock Inn and ask that you partner with us on simple steps before and during your visit. Here is how you can prepare for a delicious and safe experience:


Learn about how the seating process will work:

  • Reservations are now being accepted but are not required.

  • Tables are currently limited to parties of 8 or less.  Should your group have more than 8 guests, we will seat you at multiple tables spaced 6ft apart.

  • Outdoor dining will be contingent on weather.  In the event of inclement weather while dining, guests will be provided with their checks for prompt payment and containers for leftovers, then directed to their vehicles.  If there are available tables indoors, guests will be given the option to move inside.

  • To ensure we are able to safely and accurately accommodate all guests, we are encouraging a time limit of 1.5 hours for tables of four or more and 1 hour for tables less than four, which is sufficient to enjoy our full dining experience compared to historical averages of our table turn times.

  • Hours of Operation: In addition to being open for pickup and delivery, we will be open for on-site dining from 12pm to 9pm Sunday-Thursday and from 12pm to 10pm Friday-Saturday.


What your dining experience will look like:

  • You will arrive at the restaurant and park in any open parking space not designated for curbside pickup or takeout.

  • You will check in at our host stand. If there are guests in front of you, we kindly ask you to wait 6 feet apart from the other guest, until the other party is seated.

  • Right after checking in, you will be accompanied to your table if one is available.

  • If a table is not immediately available, you will be placed on the waitlist. Please return to your car and refrain from waiting inside or around the restaurant. You will receive a text message signifying that your table is ready. Then you may promptly proceed to the host stand to be seated. 

  • If you still feel you need a physical menu, we will have printed ones, which will only be used by your table, and discarded afterwards.

  • Your server will greet your table and stand, if possible, at least 6 ft. away to take your order, to ensure the best possible social distancing.

  • The only time serving staff will approach you during the meal will be to place your food at the table.


  • Servers will be wearing masks and gloves, but rest assured behind each mask, there is a big smile on our faces! 

  • Every table will be 6 ft. apart from each other, so you will have enough space to feel comfortable with your party.


What else we are doing to make sure Chimney Rock Inn is a safe environment:


We have created new employee training guidelines and procedures that every Chimney Rock Inn employee must follow on a daily basis. Among some of the most important procedures include:

  • Every employee is temperature checked when they clock in to work every day. The temperatures are then recorded and kept on file. If any employee exhibits a high temperature or signs of a fever, they will not be permitted to work.

  • In addition, team members have been instructed and are regularly reminded to not report to work if they have COVID-19 symptoms or if they come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has a COVID-19 test pending result.

  • Every employee is required to regularly wash their hands and change gloves when necessary.

  • Team members will wear gloves when handling used food service items (e.g., clearing tables) and when removing garbage bags and disposing of trash. Team members will wash their hands after removing their gloves.

  • All employees are given regular breaks for proper handwashing, as well as after contact with guests.

  • Tables, as well as everything that touches a table, are sanitized after each seating. Every time a table is sanitized, it is recorded in a log by the employee.

  • Every door handle is periodically sanitized by our staff, during, before and after service.

  • We have installed new hand sanitizing stations around the restaurant for you to use freely.

  • All of us will be using gloves and masks all the time. Please rest assured that behind the mask, there is a big smile on our faces.


What we expect from you:

  • If you or any member of your party is sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.

  • If there is a wait, please wait in your car. We want to make sure we don't create unnecessary crowds of people waiting inside or outside the restaurant.

  • Don't overstay. Please be mindful of the length of your visit, as we will have other guests waiting. We ask that once you have paid your bill you leave in a timely manner to allow other guests to be seated.

  • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and heed the direction from our team members by maintaining 6 feet of space from other guests outside of your party at all times.

  • All guests must wear face coverings at all times.  Guests who choose to dine outdoors may remove their masks once seated at their table.  Guests joining us indoors will be required to keep their masks on at all times aside from when physically eating or drinking.


Finally, we know that with the start of outdoor dining, whatever is ahead will have a big learning component. We will continue to listen to our guests and to improve the experience on a daily basis, so we can continue to accomplish our mission: providing you with a quality dining experience, in a friendly and safe environment.

Over the last six months, we chose to see opportunity in the face of crisis. We heard, we learned, we adapted, and we became stronger. The months ahead will be even more challenging. Together, we will make them better.



  Team Rock

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew books I rented through Helium?

You can request to renew online by clicking here. Renewals are not guaranteed upon your request to renew. For various reasons, your renewal of certain books may be unsuccessful (i.e. prohibited) due to existing library policies. Upon completion of your renewal request via online form, we will follow up with you via email as to the status of your request to renew your specified book(s), informing you if we were successful or unsuccessful in renewing your book(s). There are two possible results from your renewal request. 1. Your renewal request is successful and will be processed by Helium. 2. Your renewal request is unsuccessful and you are unable to renew your book(s) at this time. In this case, you must take the appropriate steps to return any and all un-renewable books. To avoid any late fees, you must either recieve confirmation that your renewal request was successful or return any and all un-renewable books on or before your due date (which is stated on one of the leaflets you received with your rental). Refer to our fee policy for more detail. Also, in an effort to prevent you from having to pay late fees, Helium will reach out to you two days before your rental's due date as a friendly reminder.

Can I renew my rented books?

We must follow your library policies when it comes to renewals, which are admittedly nuanced. We cannot guarantee that your book(s) can be renewed. For reasons having to do with demand and equitable treatment of all library-goers and their interests, renewal for certain books at certain times may not be possible. Of course, this means that you may be able to renew your book(s)! For further information on the specifics of requesting renewals for your rented book(s), read through the FAQ immediately below this one.

Why may I not be able to renew my rental? How many times can I renew the same rental?

Renewals are entirely dependent on library policy. Typically, a renter, such as yourself, can renew an individual book a maximum of two times, unless another library card-holder has requested to read that same book before your rental term expires. In these instances, you may not be able to renew even once. These policies vary depending on the specific book rented and can change over time. For simplicity's sake, let us know if you'd like to renew a specific book or books and we'll do the dirty work to see if renewal is possible at that time. We wish it was simpler, but library policy tends to err towards being fair to all of their patrons, which means eliminating the ability to hoard books. We can't argue with that logic! Yet, it’s important to note that we will continuously strive to make our processes as efficient as possible for you, the reader.

Can I renew some books in my rental and return others?

Indeed you can! You'll just have to be sure to take the proper steps for the set of books you'd like to request to renew and the set you'd like to return. In essence, treat the book(s) being requested for renewal and those being returned as two separate rentals and proceed with the appropriate steps. Remember, to carefully read the the FAQ above for more detail on the renewal request process and/or the text above the renewal request form. Like it says, it is very important.

I didn't request to renew my books before they were due...what should I expect?

First and foremost, request to renew your rented books.

As mentioned in some of the FAQs above within the renewal-related category, we cannot guarantee that your request to renew certain books will be successful. Library policy may prohibit us from renewing certain books at certain times for various reasons.

There are two possible results from your renewal request.

1. Your renewal request is successful and will be processed by Helium. Late fees will cease at this point.

2. Your renewal request is unsuccessful and cannot be processed at this time. In this case, you must take the appropriate steps to return any and all un-renewable books. Late fees will continue until we receive your notification to return said books.

Per our (more detailed) fee policy: "You have a due date for your rented books, which is detailed on a leaflet provided with your rental. If this date passes and neither of the following three action items have been completed, late fees will begin to accrue in your account. 1. Completion of the Return form, indicating that your rented books are ready to be picked up by one of our drivers. 2. Completion of the Renewal form, indicating that you wish to renew your rented books for another term AND you have received confirmation that your renewal request was successful. 3. Notification has been sent to us that your books were stolen or lost after they were delivered. As stated, if neither of the three action items above have been completed and your due date has passed, late fees will begin to accrue. The fees will accrue as follows: - Helium charges a base late fee of $3.00 (per overdue book), as compensation for the inconvenience imposed on the driver and the company. - A daily late fee of $0.15 (per overdue book), matching the average amount charged by libraries within your local library system, reimbursing our drivers for the costs that they must pay directly for the late books checked out under their name. Why must we do this? We will always protect our selfless drivers that facilitate our mission day in and day out. It is them that bear complete responsibility for the books they check out under their name and deliver to you. We trust you can understand our reasoning. ** Your late fees will be automatically charged to the debit/credit card you entered as part of the rental order process as soon as one of the three action items above are completed. Until then, your fees will continue to accrue and you will be unable to rent books via Helium. When accruals cease and fees are charged, you will also pay the small processing fee charged by our payment processor. Minimum charge restrictions imposed by our payment processor may apply. ** 27 Day Rule If one of the three action items above has not been completed after 27 days have elapsed following the due date of your rented books, we will automatically charge the debit/credit card you entered as part of the rental order process for three things: - The $3.00 base late fee (per overdue book) - Daily late fees of $0.15, times 27 days, so $4.05 (per overdue book) - The library-concluded cost to replace the books - The small processing fee charged by our payment processor ​​ Why 27 days? Good question...seems random, we know. This is current library policy. They charge those who have checked out books and have not returned or successfully renewed them within 27 days following their due date the full cost to replace said books, assuming the books will never make their way back to the library. After 27 days have surpassed and fees have been automatically paid, you will be once again able to rent books via Helium." If you have any questions, contact us. We understand this is a tad complex.


We have enhanced health and safety measures for our guests and team members. Guests must follow all posted instructions while visiting Chimney Rock Inn.


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and New Jersey Department of Health​, senior citizens, and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.


By visiting Chimney Rock Inn you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.